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First of all, if you are reading this because you or someone you know was sexually assaulted, I am terribly sorry for what you endured.

Nobody should suffer in this way.  And when it happens, the culprits must be held accountable, criminally and civilly.

Civilly, I am familiar with and have investigated sexual assault cases.  They require specialized knowledge about damages evidence, gentle cross examination skills, and aggressive litigation.

If you could benefit from those resources, use the contact form on this page to schedule a FREE consultation with me.

Before or after that, I invite you to benefit from my research on sexual assault, below.

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Sexual Assault

Sexual assaults are common occurrences in vulnerable populations.  Included in this population are older women who are at a higher risk of sexual assault, elderly in general who often have issues with mobility and cognitive functions, as well as those who have severe disabilities.

It is normal to be flustered, confused and lost in the case of a sexual assault with no idea what you should do, or who can help you.

Sexual assault is a stressful event and many people find it hard to concentrate on what they should do first.

One question that people grapple with is, how to find a sexual assault lawyer near me?

A sexual assault attorney is one of the best tools that you or your loved one have in being able to battle assault and get justice.

A lawyer with experience in sexual assault cases can help you navigate an otherwise stressful situation, and for this reason, a sexual assault attorney may be one of the first people you contact for help navigating your situation.

What Is A Sexual Assault Attorney?

Sexual assault is a specialized area of law that deals with situations that are a combination of both criminal and civil law.

An attorney who has experience in this area of law navigates a delicate balance, knowing how to do what is best for their client while also making sure to aggressively pursue the assailant.

The police along with the DA will handle the majority of the criminal aspect of your case and while that happens, a sexual assault attorney can help you with the civil aspect.

More than anything, a sexual assault attorney is a person who works tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering and distress, and ensures that all the necessary damages evidence is prepared for your day in court.

Criminal Aspects of A Sexual Assault Attorney’s Job

When a sexual assault takes place and is then reported, it sets of the beginning of criminal charges.  Police will need to conduct an investigation and if this leads to an arrest in your case, there will be formal charges and the need to go to court.

The DA will in this case need to prove that the person charged did in fact commit the sexual assault.  If found guilty, the individual will be punished in accordance with the law.

One thing that is often left out of the punishment in a meaningful manner is the voice of the victim.  This voice can however be made heard loud and clear with a civil case.

Civil Aspects of A Sexual Assault Attorney’s Job

Where a criminal case leaves off, a civil case steps in to help compensate the victim of sexual assault.

A sexual assault attorney will file a civil suit on behalf of the victim of assault.  There is a lower threshold for guilt in a civil suit so the conclusion of the criminal side of the case will not necessarily limit the value of your civil case.

A civil suit is not about guilt or innocence being decided or judged.  The civil suit instead is about finding out who is legally liable for the sexual assault.

What Does A Sexual Assault Attorney Do?

From the moment you come forward with your sexual assault, a wheel is set in motion and in each and every step of that motion multiple actions will take place.

A sexual assault attorney helps you to navigate each of these steps.

An experienced sexual assault attorney will have comprehensive understanding of civil tort law which is a form of law focused on a civil wrong that causes economic and/ or emotional harm.

Sexual Assault Attorney Near MeAn attorney who has experience in both tort law and sexual abuse cases is an important ally to have because they will know how to help you face a potentially hostile set of proceedings.

Hostile?  Yes, hostile.

Very frequently in sexual assault cases defense attorney’s go as far as attempting to expose intimate details of a victim’s life in order to discredit and intimidate them.

A sexual assault attorney can help you navigate this reality as well as help you understand what will happen throughout your case which may include steps like being subpoenaed for court, having to give evidence, testimonies and also to go to trial.

Another aspect of the sexual assault attorney’s job is to navigate the court and for an experienced attorney, a lifetime is spent fostering positive relationships with the court and its members including people vital to you like victim liaison officers and victims of crime compensation associations.

The Sexual assault attorney can help you with many other aspects of a sexual abuse case, such as:

Help you make sense of the many requirements that are involved in filing a case

Assisting you in determining important things like statute of limitations.

Easing your stress by going to all pre-trial conferences and hearings for you

Legal expertise with obtaining compensation

Help making sense of who is liable in your case

Assisting with determining the best value for your specific case

Filing all proper paperwork accurately and in a timely fashionPersonal Injury Lawyer

Do I Need A Sexual Assault Attorney?

Attempting to navigate a sexual assault case without any assistance or representation is not advised.  The process is a tough one that is very hard to understand without experienced help.

The sheer breadth of laws, statutes, rules and definitions of what is sexual assault, when and how you can bring a case to court, and what steps need to be taken are confusing even for some professionals.

Sexual assault can refer to assault which is committed in situations where a defendant “intentionally touches another person, the touching is sexual, the other person does not consent to the touching, and the defendant does not reasonably believe that the other person consents to the touching,” but also has an additional requirement that the “defendant must intend that his touching is sexual.”

Sexual Assault Cases

The frequency with which sexual assault cases are taken to the DA and the process to navigate through the courts with proper paperwork is another reason that it is preferable to have a sexual assault attorney in your corner.  Not all cases will be criminally pursued, and you should not let that prevent you from seeking civil justice.

Another reason having an attorney in your corner helps is that even in cases where evidence of trauma was present (55%) and sperm was present (31% of cases) in sexual assault cases, 56% of cases had their charges dropped.

This means that the only compensation available to many would come through the civil courts and with the help of a sexual assault attorney, because the criminal system failed them.

How To Find A Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me?

If you are asking yourself right now How to find a sexual assault lawyer near me? The answer is at your fingertips.

Finding a sexual assault attorney near you is a matter of looking online, or asking for a referral from those who may have needed one themselves in the past.

Finding a sexual assault attorney near you is not the hard part.  Finding one that is experienced and can offer you compassionate and meaningful assistance is the hard part.

Any old practice and attorney won’t do and you should make sure that you are looking at the attorney’s background, experience and capabilities to decide if an attorney is the right one for you.

Get Help finding A Sexual Assault Lawyer Near Me

I have helped victims in over 25 states evaluate their claims and seek justice.  I share with all my clients that, “you are not a case, you are someone who is hurt and needs help.”

I share that with you now, and invite you to let me help you go after whoever did this to you.

Any day or time, contact me via my phone number below or by submitting the contact form on this page.

Whether through me or elsewhere, I hope the culprits who did this to you are brought to justice.


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Mr. Davani has been practicing law for over 10 years.  He began practicing law by helping clients as a sanctioned student lawyer before receiving his law license, and second chaired his first jury trial in federal court before even graduating law school.  He is a registered member of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ), the American Bar Association (ABA), the American Association for Justice (AAJ), and was formerly on the MAJ’s Legislative Leader’s Circle.

Mr. Davani has taken over 20 cases to trial in state and federal court, and favorably settled well over 100 cases for injured victims.  He has personally helped his clients recover over $15,000,000 in personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse settlements and verdicts in Maryland and other states.  He is dedicated to fighting for justice, and welcomes the opportunity to help you.

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