nursing home abuse lawyer credentialsMy Recent Bedsore Results:

I am not a jack of all trades.  Me and my team’s work is focused on investigating pressure ulcer and nursing home claims around the country.  I currently hold the record for the largest nursing home, pressure ulcer verdict in history in my home state.  As a dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer, here’s a snapshot of the experience you get with my legal help:

  500+ Nursing Home Abuse Investigations & Claim Reviews

  Private Database of 100+ Nursing Home Abuse Experts Who Will Help Win Your Case

  Library of 400+ Nursing Home Abuse Claim Strategy Documents

  $25,000,000+ Recovered for Injured Victims

  National Reach – Experience with Nursing Home Abuse Claims in 20+ States

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

I work with a team of lawyers and we’re licensed in numerous states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, and North Carolina, to name a few.  Keep reading to learn how we can help get you answers, hold the nursing home accountable, and make them pay for what they did to you and your family.

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You found me for a reason.  Let me help you win, get justice, and hold the negligent nursing home accountable!

Why am I the nursing home abuse lawyer that hundreds of nursing home victims turn to for help?

I have nursing home abuse investigations boiled down to a science, and as part of the investigation process, I will pay for all of these for you:

  Setting Up Estate / Guardianship / POA

  Collecting Medical Records

  Merit Review by Long-Term-Care Nurse

  Testifying Expert Witnesses

  Court & Litigation Costs

Most nursing home abuse lawyers don’t tell you this, but these claims take an average of $3,000 to $6,000 just to complete the preliminary review.

I will pay all of that for you.  You will never pay me back for those costs, or for anything, unless I recover money for you from the nursing home or its insurance company.

That means I will work for you for free, often for 2-4 years, and only get paid at the end of the case from money I recover for you.  No strings attached.  Period.

Real Recoveries.  Real Clients.  Real Justice.

$1,700,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$1,200,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$1,000,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$700,000 – Wrongful Death Recovery

$684,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$500,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$300,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$300,000 – Wrist Injury Recovery

$280,000 – Hip Injury Recovery

$236,000 – Hip Injury Recovery

$227,000 – Chest Injury Recovery

$220,000 – Shoulder Injury Recovery

$200,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$200,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$190,000 – Spine Injury Recovery

$185,000 – Hip Injury Recovery

$177,000 – Leg Injury Recovery

$150,000 – Leg Injury Recovery

$132,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$130,000 – Back Injury Recovery

$110,000 – Shoulder Injury Recovery

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nursing home abuse lawyer resourcesWhat Makes a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Different?

Too many lawyers try to be a jack-of-all trades.  That does not work for nursing home investigations or lawsuits.

True nursing home abuse lawyers know much more than personal injury basics, trial strategy, litigation technique, or the medicine behind the injuries.

In addition to all of that, full-time nursing home abuse lawyers know that full justice can only be achieved in a nursing home lawsuit through micro-application of specific nursing home regulations.

I know those regulations like the back of my hand.  In fact, I have read every page of the original congressional documents and governmental studies which lead to the formation of our current Federal Nursing Home Act.

I didn’t just read them.  I outlined them, and converted them into litigation checklists and weapons that I use to beat negligent nursing homes and their heartless lawyers over the head.

By utilizing discovery techniques which I formulated based on those materials, I prove the nursing home’s shortcuts caused harms that were foreseeable and lead to nursing home residents suffering pressure wounds, falls, and death.

Client Review

nursing home abuse lawyer's 5-star reviews

I hired Reza and his Team to represent me not too long ago and I must say, I can’t imagine my experience being any better than it was. The first few words that come to mind in reflecting on my personal experience working with Reza and Team are Excellence, Resilience, and Professionalism. My hope is to never personally need Reza’s services again, but I can’t imagine using anyone else in the event that I do. I strongly recommend that anyone in need of Reza’s services at least have a consultation with his office because in my opinion, this is the benchmark other practices set out to be. Thank you Reza and Team for all you have and continue to do for your clients.”

JC Anthony

How Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help You

As an experienced nursing home injury lawyer, my goal with every claim is to prove:

   The nursing home resident was vulnerable and susceptible to injury

  The nursing home had notice and knowledge of that susceptibility

  The nursing home took short cuts which exposed that susceptibility to injury

◊  Those shortcuts broke federal and state safety rules

  The nursing home resident was injured resulting from those short cuts

This is a different, and unique, approach that only advanced nursing home abuse lawyers utilize.  Inexperienced nursing home lawyers, or those who only litigate these cases as a jack of all trades, do the following:

  Try to prove the nursing home had a duty to do certain medical things

  Try to prove the nursing home did not meet those medical treatment standards

  Try to prove a medical causation link between those medical breaches and the injuries

That latter strategy is flawed, and is itself susceptible to attack by the nursing homes lawyers.

That’s why I avoid that approach, and force the nursing home’s lawyers to fight us on my battleground, one on which we have a substantial tactical advantage.

To learn the full scope of what a nursing home injury lawyer will do for you in a lawsuit, read my article on nursing home lawsuits, where I outline the entire litigation process, including:Nursing Home Top Lawyer

  Claim Preparation

  Merit Investigations

  Advanced Investigations

  Nursing Home Discovery

Litigation Challenges

Should You Call a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer ?

This may come as a sticker shock because most nursing home lawyers don’t disclose this at the outset, but the average nursing home lawsuit costs over $40,000 to litigate.  Experts, depositions, focus groups, and demonstratives are expensive.

costs a nursing home lawyer will pay for you

Don’t worry, I will pay 100% of those costs for you, and I only get reimbursed at the end of your case, and only if I recover money from the nursing home.  If there is no recovery, you do not owe me a penny.

How is that relevant for you and your decision to hire a nursing home lawyer?

To justify that magnitude of expenses, the injuries must be substantial.

That means not every nursing home injury justifies retention of a lawyer.  There are good and bad reasons to sue a nursing home, but in the end, the injury will dictate the decision.

Here’s a short list of situations where you should always, at the very least, hire a nursing home lawyer to conduct a preliminary investigation:

  Stage IV Bed Sore

  Fall Resulting in Surgical Fracture

  Any Injury Causing Death

  Stage III Bed Sore Causing Sepsis/Bacteremia

  Delayed Stroke Treatment Causing Major Health Decline

That is not an exhaustive list, but those are situations where I will almost always agree to spend the $3,000-6,000 necessary to investigate your claim for you.Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer - Free Consultation 1

If you’re not sure if your claim is worth pursuing, either due to uncertainty about the negligence or concern about the economics of claim viability, just call me.  I will not charge you for the phone call, it will be free.  You will, at the very least, gain insight from a true nursing home lawyer about what it takes to pursue these claims.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer FAQs

Who Has Authority to Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

For a nursing home lawyer to be legally able to help you, you must have legal authority to pursue the claim on behalf of the injured resident.

That authority comes from being:

  Resident’s Power of Attorney

  Resident’s Legal Guardian (Guardianship)

  Representative of Deceased Resident’s Estate

  Wrongful Death Beneficiary

Many times, family members of the resident contact me before they are in a legal position to pursue the claim.  That is OK, don’t let that stop you from calling a nursing home abuse lawyer and seeking help.  As part of my investigation, I will help you set up a POA, guardianship, or estate to put you in a legal position to pursue the claim.

Nursing Home Investigation Timelines

nursing home abuse lawsuit timelinesThe investigation phase of your case will take anywhere from 6-12 months.

Here are common challenges that make the process last a long time:

  Setting up Estates/Guardianships

  Nursing Home Hiding Records

  Complex Causation Necessitating Multiple Layers of Expert Review

I have completed nursing home investigations in 5 months.  I have also had some take over 1 1/2 years.  We never know how long it will take until we dig into the process.

Rest assured, though, that once me and my team digs in, we follow through on our investigation and stay with you until that finish line.

How Nursing Home Lawyers Speed Up Case Resolution

Once the investigation is over and I file your lawsuit, there is another 1-3 years of litigation ahead of us before your case fully resolves.

Here’s a quick outline of what nursing home abuse lawyers do during those 1-3 years:

  Conduct Written Discovery

  Conduct Depositions

  Complete Expert Witness Discovery

  Partake in Mediations

  Trial Prep & Trial-Work

A high quality nursing home lawyer will speed up your case resolution, while maximizing your recovery, by being aggressive in discovery and showing the nursing home that we mean business.

Aggressive case workup will impact how quickly the nursing home comes to the table with real money, which can happen after depositions, after mediation, or on the courthouse steps.

Client Reviewnursing home abuse lawyer's 5-star reviews

I’m so lucky to have found Reza. He was extremely thorough with my case, easy to talk to and such a pleasure to work with. You can tell he is passionate about his work and great advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer!!!

Tiffany Cabreja

Dedicated Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

I’ll share with you what I share with all my clients.  You have been through enough.  Don’t let these bad nursing homes get away with it. If you do nothing, they’ll keep hurting and killing people.

Importantly, gain the peace of mind in discovering the truth – if the nursing home did actually hurt or kill your loved one.

As a dedicated, full-time nursing home abuse lawyer, I am here to offer you that truth and peace of mind.

Let me help you get answers.  It will cost you nothing to speak with me.  I can usually determine in less than 15 minutes if you have a viable claim worth investigating.

You can reach me via email, by phone, or by submitting a contact form which is delivered directly to my personal email.

Whenever you are ready, I am here for you.


Reza Davani, Esq.
State Bar No.:     1212110211
Federal Bar No.: 30168
Tele: (301) 922-4598
500+ Nursing Home Investigations
$25,000,000+ in Client Recoveries
25+ States Reached in Helping Victims

Call (301) 922-4598 for FREE Consultation with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Background

This article was written by nursing home abuse lawyer Reza Davani, Esquire.  Mr. Davani received his Juris Doctor degree from a Tier 1 law school, the University of Maryland Francs King Carey School of Law.  He received his first license to practice law from the State of Maryland’s Court of Appeals (MD State License No. 1212110211), and just four months later received a federal law license from the United States District Court for the District of Maryland (Federal License No. 30168).

Mr. Davani has been practicing law for over 10 years.  He began practicing law by helping clients as a sanctioned student lawyer before receiving his law license, and second chaired his first jury trial in federal court before even graduating law school.  He is a registered member of the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ), the American Bar Association (ABA), the American Association for Justice (AAJ), and was formerly on the MAJ’s Legislative Leader’s Circle.

Mr. Davani has taken over 20 cases to trial in state and federal court, and favorably settled well over 100 cases for injured victims.  He has personally helped his clients recover over $25,000,000 in personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse settlements and verdicts in Maryland and other states.  He is dedicated to fighting for justice, and welcomes the opportunity to help you.

As a dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer, Reza Davani has reviewed, investigated, and litigated over 500 nursing home abuse claims and cases.  Although the bulk of his nursing home abuse lawyer efforts are in prosecuting bed sore claims, he has helped clients with nursing home abuse, malpractice, sexual assault, neglect and negligence claims.

About the Nurse Consultant

La kesha Dillard, started her nursing career in 1994 as a Home Health Aide (HHA). She enjoyed working with people so much that she earned her certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She attended Trocaire College and completed both (the LPN and RN) programs where she earned her LPN/RN AAS degree. She was motivated to further her education and in 2016 she received her baccalaureate degree in nursing from Daemen College Amherst, NY. In 2019 she successfully completed Chamberlain College of Nursing, Nurse Executive and Leadership program, and earned a Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree.

Mrs. Dillard wanted to learn more about the business side of nursing, so she attended Devry University and received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2023.

In 2021, she successfully completed the Vicky Millazo program where she earned her certification as a Legal Nurse consultant. She opened up her nurse consulting business in 2022 and is the proud owner, founder/CEO at Mrs. RN Consulting, LLC. La kesha has consulted and worked with many attorneys by helping them understand the medical records to get justice for their clients. She has worked at several Long-Term Care facilities (LTC), medical surge units and has several years of experience with patient care and consulting.

She is a strong advocate for patients and believes in Person-Centered Care (PCC) at all times. La kesha is also a tough upholder for staff rights, and she continues to motivate nurse entrepreneurs to further their education in nursing.

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I have helped injured victims, including nursing home abuse victims, in over a dozen jurisdictions, including California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington, and Virginia.

I currently help nursing home abuse victims nationwide in all 50 states on a case-by-case basis via Pro Hac Vice.

Wherever you are, I invite you to send me an email or call me for a free consultation.  I am on standby to go after the nursing home for you, and in the pursuit of justice.

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