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Nursing home abuse, neglect and errors are a form of medical malpractice.

Because of this, you need to know special medical malpractice rules, laws, expert witness requirements, and deadlines to pursue a legal claim against a nursing home.

Only a small group of legal advocates are dedicated nursing home abuse lawyers who can competently navigate these waters specifically for nursing home claims.  To get full justice, you need one of these advocates by your side.

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New Mexico

The nursing home injuries involved an incident where one of the employees at the facility raped the elderly male resident.  The facility then had the gall to deny liability or any wrongdoing.  The male victim brought claims that the group home did not do a proper background check on the employee, which would have revealed that the employee was fired from a prior job for similar malfeasance.



A 92 year old nursing home resident was sound asleep in her bed.  She awoke to find one of the nursing home employees mounted on top of her, beginning to rape her.  Commotion ensured, and the sexual assault lasted so long that eventually other staff arrived and ended it.  The nursing home lawyers argued the nursing home did nothing wrong.  Because the 92 year old had dementia, the nursing home lawyers argued her testimony was not valid.



A mentally challenged girl in a group home suffered terrible injuries in this facility when she was raped multiple times and physically abused by an employee at the facility.  As is common with these guilty nursing homes and care facilities, they had their nursing home lawyers deny everything.  Worse, the nursing home lawyers argued that because of the victim’s mental disabilities, she can’t prove she’s emotionally harmed.



The 71 year old resident was overall ignored by the nursing facility resulting in a collection of neglect related injuries.  The nursing home routinely did not provide the elderly resident with basic hygiene, skin care, or nutrition.  As a result, her health deteriorated and she suffered pressure ulcer injuries and an overall decline in health.  The nursing facility had its lawyers deny everything – liability and the extent of the victim’s injuries.



A 58 year old resident was in a nursing home.  He had a history of alcoholism, which I suspect impacted the result in this case.  After just one week in this terrible nursing home, he was transferred to the emergency room suffering from malnutrition and dehydration injuries.  This caused very serious neglect and malpractice related injuries, as he had to have part of his intestines removed, and suffered from pneumonia.



In this nursing home malpractice case the negligent nursing home staff gave a compromised male in his early 60s the wrong medication.  As a result, he suffered multiple injuries in the nursing home, including brain damage, permanent cognitive loss, and went into a coma.  The nursing home initially had its lawyers deny liability, but then it agreed to a resolve the case outside of court.  Still, it denied all the allegations despite paying $500k+ for its negligence.

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Nursing Home Abuse Claim Investigations

If you suspect that anyone in your family is a victim of elder abuse, this website will help you get answers.  It is written by me, a medical malpractice and nursing home abuse lawyer who focuses on hunting down negligent nursing home facilities, exposing elder abuse, and advocating for victims of nursing home abuse across the country.

I have conducted investigations and represented nursing home abuse victims, including in nursing home abuse and assisted living facility negligence cases, in over two dozen different states and jurisdictions.

Different Nursing Home Injuries

If someone you know is in a nursing home and has a suspicious nursing home injury (such as a pressure wound / bed sore), I’ve researched and prepared injury specific fact sheets based on my prior cases, medical journals, and legal literature and research.

Those nursing home injury fact sheets have medical and legal information that help determine whether you have a case and how much that case could be worth.

The goal here is to help answer whether the nursing home abuse injuries your family member has is indicative of negligence.

Pressure Ulcer Lawsuit

bed sore lawsuit slideStatistically, bed sores are the most common nursing home abuse injuries.  I would estimate that at least two-thirds of nursing home abuse victims and their family members who call me for help or advice tell me that bed sores are involved.

I have a private library with hundreds of scientific journals and medical publications on bedsore injury claims.  I’ve converted those journals into a fact matrix/spreadsheet (with internal citations to each journal) with facts I use to prove and win your bedsore injury claim.

For example, here are some data points from my journal-matrix I can use to prove that, with a greater than 50% likelihood, your loved ones bedsore was the source of their sepsis, infection and/or death:

   99% of bedsores have bacterial growth

   50% of the time when patient has bacteremia + pressure wound, the bedsore is the infection’s source

   52% of the time when someone with a bedsore + bacteremia dies, the bedsore is a contributing culprit

   61% of patients with multiple bedsores will die from the pressure wounds

   56% of time a patient has sepsis + bedsore, bedsore is the source of the infection

The key to winning a pressure ulcer lawsuit is knowing the science, beating the defense experts with those cold hard facts, and making sure the negligent nursing homes know that you have a scientifically savvy lawyer backing you up (which helps limit the “causation” games they usually will try and play).

Free Consult With Pressure Ulcer Lawsuit Lawyer

To really get a feel of whether the nursing home was negligent, me, and for that matter any nursing home abuse lawyer, has to dig into the medical records and other key facts to find out if you have a strong enough case and can sue the nursing home for negligence.

To recruit my help for that, send me an email or submit the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Reza Davani, Esq.
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500+ Nursing Home Investigations
$35,000,000+ in Client Recoveries
25+ States Reached in Helping Victims
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Twice each year, we award this scholarship to a student who studies legal advocacy with an interest in elder justice or nursing home advocacy.  We welcome applications year round and hope it motivates students in our Country to fight for elder rights and help put a stop to nursing home abuse, neglect, and injustice.

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